Data integration at scale

Scale your digital initiatives in 12 weeks

  • Reduce downtime by 8%
  • Lower energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Connectware integrates all your machines and systems – regardless of the manufacturer.

All benefits at a glance

Perfect IT/OT collaboration with Connectware



Scale without limits. Connectware uses modern technologies such as Docker containers, Infrastructure as Code and Kubernetes. Rapidly integrate any number of production sites and machines without additional costs.


High availability

Despite massive data loads, the locally installed Connectware remains robust against production downtime.



As a technology-neutral layer, Connectware operates completely vendor- and supplier-independent. Overcome technical debts and accelerate your ability to innovate and migrate to new technologies.

innovation & stability

High quality data

Get the most out of your data and provide each stakeholder with the data that fits their purpose and use case – no matter the data source or data format.


Secure by design

The technology-neutral layer decouples data collection from data usage and generates absolute data sovereignty and security.

by cybus

How our customers reduce their energy consumption

Energy management case studies from the tool manufacturing and food industry

Energy Management PDF mockup

Energy management in the tool manufacturing industry

Energy management in food & beverage manufacturing

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