Product | 12.03.2024

Connectware release 1.5.0

Connectware release 1.5.0 banner
Important: The upgrade to Connectware 1.5.0 requires manual upgrade steps. Use the upgrade guides linked below.

With Connectware release 1.5.0, the latest upgrade our Factory Data Hub, we are introducing rootless containers for added security and compliance. By eliminating root access in containers, the host system is not compromised in the event of a container breach. We’ve also enhanced the broker feature set with its update to version 1.0.14.

For the upgrade, use the following guides:

New and enhanced features

  • Rootless containers
    You can now operate containers without the need for root privileges. This adheres to the principle of least privilege (PoLP), a widely recognized security best practice in IT that advocates for providing users and entities, including containers, only the minimal access necessary to fulfill their functions. Should a container be breached, the attacker will not gain root access to the host system. Additionally, Connectware is now compatible with security-centric platforms such as OpenShift.
  • Broker updated to version 1.0.14
    Message deduplication for MQTT clients with overlapping subscriptions now ensures messages are not duplicated across multiple matching subscriptions (enabled by default). With the support for the broker to store QoS 0 messages for clients with persistent sessions, the risk of message loss for QoS 0 subscriptions is reduced (disabled by default). For better tracking, the date is now included in the console logs.

The upgrade is available now. See the changelog for a list of what has changed in Connectware release 1.5.0 and all previous Connectware versions.

Be resilient with Connectware 1.5.0.

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Questions, feedback and support

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