Product | 24.04.2024

Connectware Release 1.6.0

Scaling with style: A leap in usability and performance

We are excited to announce the release of Cybus Connectware 1.6.0, featuring a completely redesigned user interface and enhanced navigation. This update is designed to provide a more intuitive user experience and improved usability.

Additionally, as part of our dedication to handling large-scale configurations, we’ve specifically upgraded the processing of large deployments. With significant performance enhancements, Connectware 1.6.0 ensures greater resilience in handling numerous endpoints, giving our customers the reliability they need for their growing data demands.

New and enhanced features

Performance & scalability

  • Updated service behavior to allow immediate HTTP connection attempts when enabled.

Usability & accessibility

  • Redesigned Connectware user interface for an improved user experience and streamlined workflow. 
  • Improved error handling when updating a service. 
  • Introduced a validation endpoint /api/validate/service to improve error detection and to ensure that service commissioning files are valid.

Monitoring & resilience

  • The service manager is now more resilient when handling large-scale deployments.
  • Better VRPC timeout flexibility improves handling of large-scale deployments.
  • Improved dataflow recovery for services ensures that consistent data publishing resumes after an interruption.

All enhancements of the new version follow the philosophy of resilience and performance to deliver customer reliable system functionality for production-critical operations.

The update is available now. See the changelog for a list of what has changed in Connectware 1.6.0 and all previous Connectware versions.

Important: As the upgrade to Connectware 1.5.0 requires manual upgrade steps, an upgrade to 1.6.0 from lower versions requires the update to 1.5.0 first. Use the upgrade guides linked below.

For the upgrade, use the following guides:

The new design of Connectware 1.6.0


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