Product | 24.06.2024

Connectware Release 1.7.0

Performance on another level with the new CybusMQ upgrade

The latest Connectware upgrade to 1.7.0 greatly improves the distributed metadata store of our broker cluster and provides an even smoother experience of the multi-factor authentication (MFA) feature.

As part of CybusMQ improvements, older broker data volumes are not compatible with brokers of Connectware 1.7.0 and newer. Additionally, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now controlled via a dedicated configuration switch that you must set.

Key highlights of the CybusMQ improvements

With Connectware 1.7.0, you get improvements in the distributed metadata store of our broker cluster, known as SWC (Server Wide Clocks). These enhancements target the replica correction process, making initial synchronization operations during broker node restarts or cluster upscaling more efficient.

The improvements can reduce synchronization times from minutes to seconds. More importantly, it eliminates the risk of nodes being killed due to high memory usage, ensures a seamless cluster maintenance and recovery and consistent service availability.

Enhanced Sync Efficiency: The new broker instance can now synchronize metadata, including subscriptions and retained messages, from peer nodes much faster and more efficiently.

Optimized Resource Usage: The updated solution optimizes memory usage, preventing the new node from being killed due to excessive memory demand.

Reliable Cluster Scaling: Administrators can now restart nodes or scale broker clusters without worrying about excessive memory usage, ensuring smooth and reliable operations.

When is this important?

Node Restarts: Common in Kubernetes environments for server maintenance or pod rescheduling.

Cluster Upscaling: Administrators may add more nodes to handle the increased load.

All new and enhanced features of Connectware 1.7.0

Security & Stability

  • CybusMQ now uses an upgraded Debian Linux 11.9.
  • Older broker data volumes are not compatible with brokers of Connectware 1.7.0 and newer.

Performance & Scalability

  • Improved CybusMQ cluster’s metadata replication performance.
  • Optimized image size of CybusMQ.
  • The service manager can now allocate up to 16GB of RAM as potentially required for large deployments.

Usability & Accessibility

  • Admin UI: Added a column in users overview table that shows whether multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled or not.
  • Admin UI: MFA options are now hidden for users if MFA is not enabled.
  • Admin UI: Users are now automatically notified when the administrator enforces MFA or changes user permissions.
  • Admin UI: Added notification to inform users of the number of login attempts with MFA and if they are banned after more than five failed login attempts.

Maintenance & Adaptability

  • imagePullSecrets for microservices can now be specified with the option to change the imagePullPolicy for installations.
  • Added a new variable to enable or disable MFA.

All enhancements of the new version follow the philosophy of resilience and performance to deliver customer reliable system functionality for production-critical operations.

The update is available now. See the changelog for a list of what has changed in Connectware 1.7.0 and all previous Connectware versions.

Use the following link for all upgrade information on Connectware 1.7.0:

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