News, Partners | 15.04.2021

Cybus and MEXS: Start discussions about and with your machines

New month comes with new partnerships! In April 2021, we are glad to welcome MEXS among our partners. With Cybus and MEXS, machine builders, employees and customers can now start conversations based on machine data and solve service issues faster.

Connecting machines allows you to analyze huge amounts of data and optimize your operations. But since a very large potential for optimization lies in human behavior in the decision-making process, there is one – often underestimated – question: How to bring machines and humans together?

Engaging people and machines in real-time dialogue

MEXS offers a GDPR-safe and easy-to-use conversation platform that connects all desk and non-desk workers to each other and to company software. Combined with Cybus, MEXS now ensures that workers can also communicate with machines.

Cybus guarantees that the necessary machine data is collected, pre-processed, and securely transferred to the cloud. Then with the “Machine to Human Notification” feature from MEXS, service staff is instantly notified in case any problems with the machines occur. The team receives chat messages or service tickets containing machine logs and all the information needed to quickly resolve the problem and minimize downtime.

With MEXS and Cybus, your service workers and machines can finally talk to each other in real-time.

About MEXS

MEXS easily and securely connects people in the smart industry with the colleagues, data and information they just need. It develops a customized conversation platform for the industry that connects the non-desk workers in the right context to colleagues, company software (ERP, CRM, HRIT) and machines. Backed by strong German industrial partners, MEXS is truly GDPR-safe and adaptive to their customers’ needs.

Interested in this offer?

Our Head of Partner Management Danny Rybakowski finds the answers to your questions and is ready to help you.

Danny Rybakowski

Partner Manager
+49 40 2285 86 85 16

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