News | 23.03.2017

Cybus and UIB collaborate for secure Industrial Internet of Things Communications

Cybus and Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd. (UIB) today announced their collaboration of integrating UIB’s UnificationEngine™ intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging platform with Cybus’ Connectware secure connectivity technology.

The partnership will allow easier and more secure machine to machine (M2M), human to machine (H2M), and machine to human (M2H) communications for manufacturers and operators of industrial equipment. This enables innovative industrial equipment manufacturers to provide their customers with data-driven, value-added services such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, making it secure and easy to acquire, provide, and use industrial data.

Cybus’ technology bridges the gap between manufacturing and logistics environments’ need for high security and the connected world of digital services. It acts as a translator between protocols and the management layer, which allows easy, precise, and controllable access by authorized data users.

UIB provides natural language communications (NLP) for IIoT machines and equipment. Operators can communicate with their machines through the communications channels they already use. The Connectware + UnificationEngine solution can be easily adapted and developed for machinery, vehicles, sensors, and their components across verticals including discrete and process manufacturing, power plants, and logistics.

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