News, Partners | 25.02.2021

Cybus and Waylay join forces to empower IIoT service creation

Hamburg, GERMANY – Waylay, a leading enterprise software company at the forefront of the unified IT-OT digital transformation, and Cybus, top-tier software specialist for smart factory enablement, announced today their combined offering in Industry 4.0 solutions. Both companies share the same vision to derive advanced business value from IoT data

For many companies, the era of industrial IoT represents the chance to deliver new value generating digital business models. New solutions and systems are constantly emerging in this dynamic market, which puts factories at risk of vendor lock-in and lack of flexibility. Machine builders on the other side, need an efficient way to build up, roll-out and manage their new service offerings.

This is exactly where the combination of Waylay and Cybus comes into play. Instead of presumed plug & play solutions, the combined solution aims to empower business users and IT professionals in building their own smart industrial use cases.

Partnership of Cybus and Waylay
The combined solution of Cybus and Waylay empowers building own smart industrial IoT use cases.

The two software companies combine the IIoT edge platform Cybus Connectware with the industrial IoT automation platform of Waylay. The partnership aims to serve machine builders, factory owners and service providers who want to enable their own domain experts in building IIoT services. The main goal is to create digital business models in a quick and reusable way. Cybus provides customers with a universal OT-IT connectivity and an unified information model for Industry 4.0 applications. Waylay, in turn, adds its low-code based, intuitive and visual orchestration, automation and analytics solution which guarantees quick customer OT-IT application build cycles, material improvements in enterprise operations and high ROI.

Wouter Van Eetvelde

“Having worked together successfully in the past, we can offer a seamless experience within the implementation of industrial IoT use cases,” stated Wouter Van Eetvelde, President of the Waylay Enterprise. “Our solutions are fully compatible and end-to-end proven. Pre-built use case specific templates provide a jump-start into projects.”

Wouter Van Eetvelde, President of Waylay Enterprise

“Building industrial IoT solutions requires machines to be connected, data flows to be automated and asset-specific data to be analyzed,” said Peter Sorowka, CEO and Co-Founder of Cybus. “Additionally, continuous maintenance and updates call for extensive DevOps expertise, adding a drain in IT resources. The re-usability, scalability and fast implementation helps customers to drastically shorten these development cycles. With the addition of Cybus’ expertise, we guarantee OT/IT compliance and governance of sensitive machine data.”

Peter Sorowka, CEO of Cybus GmbH
Peter Sorowka

If you are interested to see how the Cybus-Waylay offering works in practice, you can request a showcase made available by the partners. The demonstration shows how to build and manage a monitoring solution for heterogeneous machines and how to predict low levels of auxiliary materials.

About Waylay

Waylay is a leading Enterprise IT-OT digital unification software company delivering low-code based orchestration, automation and analytics software solutions. Waylay makes the digital transformation painless and provides a single tool for OT & IT convergence automation. Waylay has a passion for supporting enterprises on their IoT automation journey and ensuring it puts all valuable data to work for developers, data scientists and domain experts. Most importantly, Waylay guarantees its customers a significant reduction in cost and time to market of new digital transformation projects to eventually make their enterprises become one.

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