News | 06.07.2016

Cybus at Harting Mica.Network

Cybus took part at the Harting in Hannover. This event served as a unique platform for Cybus to showcase its expertise and innovative solutions in the realm of industrial connectivity. The open computing platform MICA was kicking off its own collaborative network for future cooperations between Harting and MICA-applying companies. The event took place at the renown Robotation Academy, Hannover.

Our CPO Marius Schmeding went to Hannover to not only participate, but also present the leading Factory Data Hub, Cybus Connectware front of the audience.

Marius addressed the need for on-premise data management since industrial equipment manufacturers strive for digital services and rely on data from their deployed devices. Customers want to stay in control of exactly who may access which data for which purpose. The Cybus middleware defines the process of device commissioning that respects both the device manufacturer’s and the factory operator’s point of view.

Our involvement in the Harting underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of industrial technology trends and fostering collaborations that drive innovation. The event provided a dynamic setting for sharing insights, discussing industry challenges, and exploring opportunities for future partnerships.

For more info on the Harting event check out the official page.

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