Product | 01.12.2020

Cybus Connectware 1.0

We have a real reason to celebrate – and for you a great update! From the very beginnings we always followed the highest requirements against quality and functionality of the Cybus Connectware. Now we have completed version 1.0 and we could not be more proud.

Cybus Connectware

“IIoT Made in Germany” is both our aspiration and obligation. Our customers and partners appreciate this a lot. It is also on this basis that we enjoy great collaboration with some of the most innovative startups, impressively successful hidden champions and global corporations in the heartland of Industry 4.0. Many outstanding technical capabilities, the strong data governance and excellent documentation of the Cybus Connectware have grown from the tough real world projects that we’ve completed with our customers and partners. Now Connectware is available as version 1.0.

Here’s a high level summary of Connectware’s great capabilities. Which one of these do you think is most celebrated by experts? And would you share with us the capabilities that help you most in your own scenario? Let us know:

Compare these capabilities to your scenario, with your own plans and your specific needs. Ask your IT colleagues for their professional view – because they will need to work with it. Use our experts, have us present a live demo to your team and leverage a free trial license.

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