News, Partners | 24.09.2021

Cybus partners up with ctrlX World by Bosch Rexroth

Cybus Connectware is now available in ctrlX AUTOMATION platform in the ctrlX Store for Bosch Rexroth customers. The leading Factory Data Hub establishes the universal and automatable data flow between shop floor and IT, thus complementing the modular control system ctrlX CORE with valuable system and device connectivity.

The combination of ctrlX CORE with the conveniently installable Connectware app via the ctrlX AUTOMATION automation platform places a special focus on OT/IT collaboration. Easily available and installable, Connectware succeeds in integrating the machine data collected via ctrlX CORE into any systems and applications.

More information about the partnership and Connectware on the ctrlX AUTOMATION automation platform can be found at ctrlX World.

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