News | 25.09.2015

Startups@Reeperbahn Festival: Cybus wins public choice award

The fabulous Sina Gritzhuhn and Sanja Stankovic from Hamburg Startups have done a great job in organizing the 3rd Startups@Reeperbahn event on September 23rd, 2015 in Hamburg. We had the honour of being part of the five finalists, pitching live on stage in front of a high-class audience.

The competition at the Startups@Reeperbahn Festival was tough. Apart from our huge-but-hard-to-pitch topic, the banking service startup figo also tried to explain the principles of an API and its business potential to the crowd. The final winner Antilope.Club showed its futuristic muscle training suits in a true show pitch. And the two “real-world-problem” solvers from medical translation services startup Medlango as well as ultra-charismatic 3rd world education app Funzi were able to please the crowd. It was not self-evident that the audience would choose Cybus for the public choice award.

But the show from Pierre (and for sure, our super-cool Wechselwild-Belts) brought us enough startup dollars to win the public choice award! And this one is great, as we are allowed to create a communication campaign for our product in cooperation with the fabulous team from FORK/fischerAppelt. We are thrilled! Let’s start working on that and thanks again to the audience and the team from Hamburg Startups for making this incredible event happen!

Learn more about Cybus Connectware the leading Factory Data Hub:

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