News | 18.03.2020

DIN SPEC 27070 – Realising the IIoT Security Reference Architecture

At Cybus we believe that the security question will make or break the success of the Industrial IoT overall. Reliable security requires that factory operators can define and control their own data distribution principles. That’s precisely what Cybus Connectware enables. Our systematic approach forms the ideal core to a comprehensively secure and standardised IIoT architecture that everybody can rely on.
Drumroll please – This standardisation has just materialised in a brand new DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm). The IDSA, the International Data Space Association, has released DIN SPEC 27070 which details IIoT security requirements and offers a reference architecture for secure gateways for the exchange of industry data and services.

This is huge progress for the legal and commercial viability of Industrial IoT use cases.

The IDSA reference architecture is the much needed reliable guidance for all who understand the strategic value of their data and who take the security of their operations seriously.
That said, it’s also clear that IT architecture is a complex beast. Realising the IDSA recommendations immediately and in its entirety is hardly realistic for most organisations. So, how should you go about it?

Here’s where Cybus comes into play as offering the effective and pragmatic path:

Cybus Connectware is fully IDSA compliant and in fact its functionality forms the centerpiece to the DINSPEC 27070 reference architecture.

“If we start with Cybus Connectware, it means we’re already more than half-way there… The good old 80/20 rule. We’re structurally set up in the right way and ready to go – and we can simply implement more DIN SPEC recommendations as and when we need it.”
This is how one customer put it. And it’s just that. Our Marketing could not have said it any better.

As a Unified Gateway you can use your Cybus Connectware with just about any machine in your park very quickly. Minimises admin time and eliminates risk factors.

Cybus Connectware has lots of industry-relevant connectors pre-built in. You can find a complete list here and we’re constantly adding more. For example we’ve just recently realised the most comprehensive implementation of connectors for Heidenhein machines, worldwide.
Your IIoT managers will love that they have to manage fewer gateways – or even just one. And your OT colleagues will be delighted as well because with Cybus Connectware broadly established solutions like Kepware can simply be continued.

As a full-featured MSB (Manufacturing-Service-Bus) Cybus Connectware gets you comprehensive Access Control Policy Management.

This means you get complete control over data access, data path and data flow for exactly the services that you actively allow. No matter whether these live in a private or public cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure), a 3rd party platform (e.g. SAP, Siemens Mindsphere) or on your own physical server right next door. It’s your data and your rules. You decide before anything goes anywhere. And equally before anyone can reach deep down into your machine data or even control your machines and thereby your production. You keep the overview and stay in control. It’s that clear.

The Unified Gateway approach also creates a technology-neutral layer that protects you from technical or commercial dependencies, too.

Which means a strategic level of independence and security in your engagement with otherwise dominant platforms or partners. CIOs and corporate strategists love it.

So, these are just four ways how you can leverage Cybus Connectware and the IDSA DIN SPEC 27070 to overcome critical hurdles to your IIoT business. Cybus Connectware offers you a fast, effective and cost efficient way forward. It also ensures that you have a core in your architecture that gets you the systematic freedom that you’ll need for whatever the future brings.

Learn more about Cybus Connectware

As an active member of the International Data Space Association, Cybus is proud to have directly and significantly contributed to the DIN SPEC 27070. We know this inside out. If you’re interested in the specific IDSA recommendations, the reference architecture itself and what Cybus Connectware can mean for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help.

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