News, Partners | 24.09.2021

HEITEC AG and Cybus

HEITEC AG and Cybus enable the entry to digital production

HEITEC AG and Cybus partner up to build a joint solution portfolio. The resulting competence center for data connectivity and the joint service offering enables industrial customers to get started with digital production – step by step and benefit-oriented.

It is a crucial need to establish connectivity of individual machines as well as network integrating the whole factory. Software that secures the full data flow between shop floor and IT meets this need. The joint service offering from HEITEC, a specialist for system solutions in industrial automation and digitalization, and the leading industrial IoT software company Cybus enables their customers not only to realize the connected factory, but also to increase overall plant effectiveness and machine transparency in their factories.

Strengthening small-and medium-sized enterprises 

With the expansion HEITEC’s solution portfolio by the Factory Data Hub Cybus Connectware, the companies are following a shared mission to enable customers across all industries to incrementally increase productivity and asset availability in their factories.

“Especially the entry into digitalization projects is a big challenge for medium-sized businesses. Through our partnership with HEITEC, we can make this entry as easy as possible for our customers while keeping an eye on their long-term perspective,” says Peter Sorowka, Managing Director at Cybus.

“Our approach to Industry 4.0 is to accompany our customers step by step through digitalization. Here, we want to close the gap between the production and the IT by applying our industry know-how and solution portfolio. Cybus’ software – enabling connectivity up to realizing a central data hub in the factory – is complementary to our offering. This way, we are able to support our customers holistically and create added value,” reports Ekkehard Reuß, CEO of HEITEC AG.

Carsten Stiller, Managing Director at Cybus: “Through our technology-neutral Factory Data Hub, which focuses on OT/IT collaboration, and through HEITEC’s proven expertise, together we are able to offer SMEs a breakthrough in Industrie 4.0 transformation.”

With their cooperation, HEITEC and Cybus pave the way to smart factory. Customers of HEITEC and Cybus can benefit from the partnership with immediate outcomes.

Heitec and Cybus enable the entry to digital production
From the left: Peter Sorowka (CEO at Cybus), Carsten Stiller (CSO at Cybus) and Ekkehard Reuß (Director at HEITEC AG)

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