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Use Case at Ecosystem Partner Honico

25 Jul

HONICO and Cybus partner up

Aiming for higher productivity and less administration effort? Automatized spare parts reordering becomes much easier and more reliable with Cybus and HONICO, who just announced their partnership.

With the Cybus Connectware, which easily connects all machines on any shop floor and transmits the data to wherever you like (but only IF you like) and HONICO’s iMan Connect, which links all kind of various business systems, our new partnership brings you the possibility of automated reordering of spare parts.

For machines with many wear parts, automatic reordering systems can ensure high production availability in combination with small stocks and low administrative effort. Spare part provider benefit from reliable business relations to their customers. With our partner HONICO from Germany, we can easily integrate your spare part use case into your ERP or CRM systems or directly pre-fill a shopping cart in a webshop.

The HONICO eBusiness GmbH is specialized in the integration of different systems and offers various solutions for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Management (BPM).

The main product IntegrationMan is a flexible platform for the integration of e.g. SAP to nonSAP systems. Here, the access to the SAP system is optimized by SAP standards and HONICO owned components. Pre-built process solutions for various integration scenarios allow the realization of integration projects in just a few days.