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IoT Business Brunch 2017 in Stuttgart

26 Sep

IoT Business Brunch

OptimData, TechniaTranscat and Cybus will hold a joint IoT-Business Brunch in October. This event is an invite-only event. If you are interested in joining us and want to get info and an invitation, mail us for more details or give us a call. We’d be honored to see you in Stuttgart after Motek.

Short Description

The IoT Business Brunch is an exclusive event for people interested in the IoT / Industry 4.0 sector. Drop us a mail if you’d like an invite and join for free. We welcome you for a whole morning of technology, strategy and operational input for smart industry solutions. Including up-to-date insights, best-practice, real world examples and hands-on work for your own Industry 4.0 use-case.

Location: TechniaTranscat GmbH, 70563 Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Updated Date: 23. November 2017