News | 16.01.2017

May we present: Our new Start Smart Connectware

With the Start Smart Connectware, Cybus offers factory operators the chance to start their very own first Industry 4.0 use-case with real data. During a 30 day trial period, our smart software, Cybus Connectware enables you to start tracking the first, most basic form of data: measured power. Simply set-up a connection up to three machines in less than 6 minutes. It is literally “Plug & Play” and non-invasive, allowing you to immediately start tracking your machine uptime and power consumption without affecting your machine and network setup. All measuring devices are secured and applied to the respective power source through induction and magnetic contacts from the outside.

We provide you with three Power Meters, a Cybus Connectbox and pre-deployed, ready-to-use Industry 4.0 application. All prepared for same-day-usage. We guide you through the very brief setup process and prepare with you anything to start with your Industry 4.0 use-case at the beginning of trial periode. If you are thinking about Industry 4.0 in your company, you should contact us and we will discuss, if and how the Start Smart Connectware might be a good fit for you.

Find our more about Connectware

Our Smart Factory software is continuously developing and improving. Find out about the lastest software and the newest features:

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