Service Catalogue

With one platform to 360° integration: connect and orchestrate devices and services

The Service Catalogue of Cybus Connectware

Easily integrate all applications and assets

Make your data not only available, but directly usable: The Factory Data Hub provides a global data flow in your production, which supplies pre-qualified applications and services with the relevant real-time data through very simple configuration.
The intuitive Service Catalogue is pre-implemented and ready to use. With the carefully selected repertoire of state-of-the-art applications from our partner ecosystem, you can directly realize your IIoT use cases such as predictive maintenance, condition monitoring or AI with your data.

Applications and SERVICES

Available services

360° Integration from OT to IT

  • Databases
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Low-Code workflows and automation
  • … and many more

With a strong partner ecosystem to 360° integration

Some of our partner services, from databases to protocols and applications

From databases to AI applications, you can integrate and orchestrate your factory environment and software stack effortlessly and with
pre-implemented interfaces.


Connecting own services

Internal and external deployment

Services developed in-house are directly integrated into the portal for further internal integration. They can also be provided for external users if required.

Cybus Service Catalogue

flexible integration

Docker Technologie

With modern Docker technology, you independently integrate any applications and services directly into Connectware – on-premises, securely and with the greatest flexibility. Docker containers make it possible for your applications to run locally instead of in the cloud. This guarantees high cost savings and stable as well as secure real-time data processing.

The whole Smart Factory in one software

Centralized, user-friendly integration and orchestration

Real insights with a live demo

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    industrial iot use cases with cybus connectware

    How our customers use Cybus Connectware

    Success stories and Industrial IoT use cases


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