What is a Data Hub?

A data hub is a software designed to facilitate seamless data sharing and governance. It generates a data infrastructure which connects data producers with data consumers, ensuring efficient data flow across an organization.

Both, data consumers and data producers, include applications, hardware, processes and teams. Unlike data lakes and data warehouses, a data hub prioritizes the mediation and management of data rather than storage. It offers a holistic view of enterprise data flow, supporting various data types, from master and transaction to metadata. Whether for operational or analytical purposes, internal or external, endpoints can effectively share and access data via a data hub.

Tailored for manufacturing: the Factory Data Hub

What is a factory data hub?

An evolution of the traditional data hub is the Factory Data Hub, fine-tuned for the manufacturing realm. This variation prioritizes real-time integration with production systems, ensuring swift data flow amidst machinery and processes. Bridging OT and IT, it’s the linchpin for data-driven decisions in modern factories. Learn more about Cybus Connectware as the most-advanced software solution in this category.

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