What is MQTT?

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a network communication protocol which distributes information messages in machine-to-machine communication. Each MQTT network is based on an MQTT broker and numerous MQTT clients. The clients can deliver data to the broker, or they are subscribed to data that is available for distribution. After the broker receives data from the clients, it files it into an information tree of topics. Here, the clients that subscribed to a topic automatically find updates. This results in a flexible information structure, where neither the publishing client needs to know where the data is examined, nor does the subscribers need to have any information about the publishers. Brokers can also interconnect to make data available at other brokers as well. Each subscriber has direct access to the most recent available data. Therefore, MQTT networks are often used at the edge of an Industrial IoT Infrastructure, where time critical distribution of information is often required.

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