Energy Management with Cybus Connectware

Fully transparent energy monitoring of every component

Energy management visual displaying different dots connecting together showing how to track energy consumption


Tracking energy consumption is crucial

Identify energy-saving opportunities

Manufacturing processes are often energy-intensive which leads to ever higher operating costs. Insufficient energy efficiency of processes aggravates the situation even further. In times of historically high energy prices it is critical to comprehensively identify energy-saving potentials.

  • 50% of industry leaders see high energy costs as a threat to their organization


What impedes your energy initiatives?

Insufficient energy data

Without a holistic understanding of energy consumption, you cannot adequately identify and prioritize energy efficiency measures. Insufficient energy data prevents you from solving energy-related initiatives.

  • Many companies fundamentally lack in reliable energy data


Guaranteed ROI for energy-related investments

Include energy data in your buying decisions

Take energy consumption into account when planning your investment strategy. Energy consumption is an important factor of every return on investment (ROI) calculation.

  • Companies struggle with calculating the ROI for energy-related investments


Comply with energy regulations

Reduce energy consumption and emissions

Energy requirements and regulations are increasingly strict. Due to high energy costs and a rising awareness of environmental responsibilities, companies are obliged to advance.

  • Lower emissions
  • Reduce energy demand
  • Lead with environmental social governance (ESG)

Energy management case studies

How manufacturers from different industries increase energy efficiency with Cybus Connectware

Energy Management PDF mockup

Energy management in tool manufacturing

PDF cover of an energy management case study

Energy optimization in food & beverages manufacturing

Energy management animation visualising the power of Cybus Connectware in reducing energy.


Optimize your energy management

Top benefits of energy management with Connectware

  • Rapid rollouts of your energy-related use cases
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Reliable energy data in real-time
  • Visualize data for each stakeholder individually
  • Realize other use cases without additional investments


Use your production data for various use cases

No additional investments necessary

Energy data is highly relevant for various Industry 4.0 use cases. Knowledge about energy consumption and the effect on your machinery allows you to provide valuable information for other use cases than Energy Management. For example:

Energy management infographic visual showing that you can use your Energy Management data for various use cases with the help of Cybus Connectware

Energy Management with Cybus

All advantages in one Smart Factory software


Connectware quickly connects to your energy meters and functions of your energy management systems.


Connectware standardizes and contextualizes energy data from various energy meters and sources throughout your factories. Make your energy data comparable and available for each stakeholder and system.


Visualize the energy flow of your factories, no matter the number of sites, machines and components. A visible energy flow is essential to confidently draw conclusions on energy usage and optimize energy consumption.


With the help of your data, you can reduce energy consumption in every part of your production chain. Connectware enables you to gather real-time data from all areas of your company.


Energy management is indispensable for efficient energy usage of every machine part in every factory. Start now with Cybus Connectware.


Seamless data integration at scale

One software for holistic connectivity

With the leading Factory Data Hub Connectware you are set up for both: your first steps of digitalization up to a holistic Smart Factory transformation at scale. In addition to full shop floor connectivity, Connectware also creates a scalable data infrastructure for your digital projects – highly available and secure.

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Further use cases with the Factory Data Hub

Realize any use case with a universal data infrastructure

Leading manufacturers rely on Cybus

Whether metal processing, automotive or toolmaking – leading manufacturers rely on the Factory Data Hub


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