Heidenhain DNC


What is Heidenhain DNC?

Heidenhain controllers can be found in many widely used CNC machines. These controllers provide the Heidenhain DNC interface, also referred to as “option 18”, which enables vertical integration of devices and allows users to access data and functions of a system. The DNC protocol is based on Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), which means that it carries out operations by calling methods on the target device. You can find a list of available methods in Cybus Docs

What is Heidenhain DNC used for?

The Cybus Connectware makes it possible to easily interact with CNC machines via the Heidenhain DNC communication protocol. It offers the opportunity to read all machine data and status information, to manipulate the tool and pocket table, and to access data as well as files on the filesystem and all other methods provided by the Heidenhain DNC Interface. 

Heidenhain DNC implementation with Cybus

With Cybus Connectware, you can make Heidenhain Data available on MQTT or OPC UA, optionally using a companion spec like Umati. Data can be easily normalized and forwarded to database systems, MES systems, data lakes or IoT Platforms like Adamos, Azure, AWS or others.

Compatibility has been verified for the following controller types, others can be evaluated on request:

Application examples

Use Cases with Heidenhain DNC

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