Cybus and UIB collaborate for industrial IoT solutions

Cybus and UIB collaborate for secure Industrial Internet of Things Communications

Cybus and Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd. (UIB) today announced their collaboration of integrating UIB’s UnificationEngine™ intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging platform with Cybus’ Connectware.

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Cybus and Omnio partner up for industrial IoT

Cybus and Omnio Announce Partnership for the Industrial Internet of Things

Cybus and Omnio announce their new partnership. Their combined solution will bring Industry 4.0 closer to reality.

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The new Start Smart Connectware by Cybus

May we present: Our new Start Smart Connectware

t Connectware, Cybus offers factory operators the chance to start their very own first Industry 4.0 use-case with real data. During a 30 day trial period, we enable you to start tracking the first, most basic form of data: measured power. Simply set-up a connection up to three machines in less than 6 minutes.

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Things you should know about industry 4.0

7 Things you should know about Industry 4.0 in 2017

Whether or not you are in manufacturing, those things are essential to know if you want to join the Industry 4.0 debate in the upcoming 12 months.

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Cybus at Smart Industry in Paris

Cybus at Smart Industries 2016 in Paris

Cybus was welcomed by its partner OptimData at the Smart Industries 2016 in Paris, France.

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Iot Analytics and Digital Analytics Association

IoT Analytics and Digital Analytics Association release Industry 4.0 Report

The study shows that many companies still struggle with the implementation of Industrial Internet of Things services.

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Can industrial IoT devices be attacked by cyber attack?

Could industrial IoT devices be part of a DDoS attack?

Michael Kühne-Schlinkert, former Head of Develeopment at Cybus, is evaluating if IIoT devices could be part of a DDoS attack.

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Cybus at Nordic APIs Summit in stockholm 2016

Review of Nordic APIs Platform Summit 2016 Stockholm

Michael Kühne-Schlinkert, Head of Development at Cybus, attended the NordicAPI’s Platform Summit 2016 in Stockholm.

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New partnership of Cybus and OptimData

New Partnership with OptimData

We are partnering up with OptimaData to offer our customersa holistic scope of IIoT Services.

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Cybus hosts Germany's biggest industry hackathon

Cybus hosts Germany’s biggest Industry Hackathon

In co-operation with Dezera and the university of applied science, HAW Hamburg, we are hosting the What The Data!? 2016, Germany’s greatest industry hackathon. 

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Cybus becomes member of the Industrial Data Spaces Association

Cybus becomes a member of the Industrial Data Space Association

Cybus becomes a member of the Industrial Data Space Association.

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Cybus at Harting Mica.Network 2016

Cybus at Harting Mica.Network

Cybus took part at the Harting in Hanover.

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