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23 Feb

SE.M.LABS and Cybus enable pay-per-use services for industrial manufacturers

SE.M.LABS is a Stuttgart-based software-as a-service-provider and one of our latest partners. The company enables lessors and manufacturers to offer their products to market in a pay-per-use business model. Thereby, SE.M.LABS takes over the digitalization bridge between manufacturer and financier.

Cybus on the other side makes it secure and easy to acquire, provide and use industrial data, therefore closing the gap between offline production and online services with a transparent management layer. This way, manufacturers are able to get secure access to their products on their customer’s shop floor, without any individual integration work needed.

The data is then preprocessed by SE.M.LABS in a leasing compliant way and made available to the financier – fully automated, without manual effort.

In a pay-per-use business model, use of a product or service is metered, and customers are charged when they use the services. Pay-per-use for machines and equipment are becoming more and more common. From pay-per-operating hour, to pay-per-unit or pay-per-welding point, anything is possible with this partnership.

With pay-per-use on the rise, flexible and versatile usage models, which include maintenance and service parts, offer a distinguishing feature and lead to competitive advantages. This is one of the key characteristics of the Industrial IoT.

If you are looking for a way to offer your services in a modern way, contact us today and start selling your products through a pay-per-use model!